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Monetary Policy Frameworks for Emerging Markets

Monetary Policy Frameworks for Emerging Markets

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Financial globalisation has made the formulation of monetary policy in emerging market economies increasingly complicated. This timely set of studies looks at the turmoil in global financial markets, which, coupled with volatile inflation, poses serious challenges for central banks in these countries. The book features a number of specially commissioned new papers from both front-line policymakers and researchers in developing and emerging market economies, which tackle the difficult issues currently being debated with increasing urgency by monetary policy theorists and policymakers around the world. They address questions such as: `What monetary policy framework is most suitable for emerging market countries to confront the new challenges while they continue to open up to trade and financial flows?', `What are the linkages between monetary stability and financial stability?' and `Is inflation targeting or a fixed exchange rate regime preferable for developing and emerging markets?' Providing unique insights on the interaction between the theory and practice of monetary policy in emerging markets, this book will be of great interest to academics and students of economics, economic policy and development economics. Policymakers will also find this to be a useful and thought-provoking read.