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Homeowner Survival Guide - the Housing Bubble

Homeowner Survival Guide - the Housing Bubble

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The Homeowners Survival Guide is dedicated to helping homeowners understand and resolve all the problems associated with the devastating financial crisis and the housing bubble. It is a complete one-stop manual that will walk you through step-by-step every option that is available to you and teach you how to get your lender's approval. Topics include but are not limited to: ? A Quick Reference Guide to see the Options You Qualify for ? How to Reduce Your Mortgage Payments ? How to Process Your Own Loan Modification ? What Are the Major Lenders' Qualification Guidelines ? The Cause and Effect of the Housing Bubble ? How to Settle Credit Card Debts for 40+% Less ? What Caused the Financial System to Collapse ? How to Prepare a Budget Acceptable to Your Lender ? Do You Qualify For the "Making Home Affordable" Programs ? How to Write a Hardship Letter Acceptable to Your Lender ? Top Ten Tips on How to Avoid Scams ? The Contact Information of all Major Lenders ? The Flaws in the Credit Rating System ? How to Improve Your Credit Score ? How to Process a Short Sale or Short Refinancing ? Is a Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure Right For You ? Can a Broker's Price Opinion Value be Manipulated ? Is a Reverse Mortgage Right For You ? What You Need to Know About Foreclosure & Bankruptcy ? What is a Forensic Loan Doc Audit ? When Can You Expect Home Values to Recover This book contains valuable information based on the vast experience of the author, his extensive researches, and interviews of insiders revealing the secrets of how to get lender approvals. With the help of this guidebook, most homeowners will be able to resolve their problems, saving them time, money, and possibly their homes.