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A Dream of John Ball

A Dream of John Ball

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: @ Dream CHAPTER X. THOSE TWO TALK OF THE DAYS TO COME. ROTHER," said John Ball, "how deemest thou of our adventure ? I do not ask thee if thou thinkest we are right to play the play like men, but whether playing like men we shall fail like men." "Why dost thou ask me?" said I; "how much further than beyond this church can I see?" ??v " Far further," quoth he, " for I wot that thou art a scholar and hast read books; and withal, in some way that I cannot name, thou knowest more than we; as though with thee the world had lived longer than with us. Hide not, therefore, what thou hast in thine heart, for I think after this night I shall see thee no more, until we meet in the heavenly Fellowship." "Friend," I said, "ask me what thou wilt; or rather ask thou the years to come to tell thee some little of their tale; and yet methinks thou thyself mayest have some deeming thereof." J So'W He raised himself on the elbow of the stall and looked me full in the face, and said to me: " Is it so after all that thou art no man in the flesh, but art sent to me by the Mas- ter of the Fellowship, and the King's Son of Heaven to tell me what shall be ? If that be so tell me straight out, since I had some deeming hereof before; whereas thy speech is like ours and yet unlike, and thy face hath something in it which is not after the fashion of our day. And yet take heed, if thou art such an one, I fear thee not, nay, nor him that sent thee; nor for thy bidding, nor for his, will I turn back from London Bridge but will press on, for I do what is meet and right." "Nay," said I, "did I not tell thee e'en now that I knew life but not death ? I am not dead; and as to who hath sent me, I say not that I am come by my own will; for I know not; yet also I know not the will that hath sent me ...