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China & America's Emerging Partnership: A Realistic New Perspective

China & America's Emerging Partnership: A Realistic New Perspective

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This book is about the evolving competitive relationships between the American and Chinese governments. It presents an urgently needed new perspective that recognises and responds to the reality that China's political, social, economic and legal systems, as well as business culture cannot and will not be like America's, even though China now shares a passion for capitalism. The traditional Western perspectives about the future of China are that it will inevitably become democratic or collapse or it will remain authoritarian and stagnate. These ideas are related to a view that armed conflict between America and China may be or is inevitable. The traditional understandings are all based on the false assumptions that China can, should and will be like America as soon as possible."China & America's Emerging Partnership" presents a new and realistic perspective for understanding what China and capitalism with Chinese characteristics are all about. Then it examines the reasons why America and China are presently on a lose-lose collision course. The authors construct a compelling alternative scenario for America and China's future that has as its foundation the win-win strategies of co-operation rather than mutually self-defeating cut-throat competition. They present a unique guide for how balance can be achieved in the competitive race between the American and Chinese economies. Through this fog of dire prediction now shines a beacon of hope that reveals a compelling case for continued American economic success aligned with the rising prowess of China's new economy.