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Buying a House in Spain 2009

Buying a House in Spain 2009

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Buying a House in Spain 2009 is the only annually updated guide to buying property in Spain, detailing the best regions to buy in and the latest trend information.Spain is becoming an increasingly attractive and realistic prospect for Britons wanting a second home, be it for holiday or retirement. Due to the low interest rates and reasonable house prices, every year 50,000 second homes are bought by the British, making Spain an accessible country to buy in. This book covers the entire country, not just those areas really popular with buyers, explaining the character of the different areas and the types and price of propertyThis all-encompassing guide provides a step-by-step guide to the buying process including advice from legal and financial experts to guidance on what you can get for your money and where. It combines cultural and economical information with practical tips and advice and reveals how to find all types of property from villas and apartments to farms and vineyards. Fully revised.