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After the Kiss, Enoch, Suzanne

After the Kiss, Enoch, Suzanne

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The illegitimate son of the Marquis of Dunston, Sullivan Waring has made himself into a respectable gentleman, allowed into the fringes of Society, but never all the way in. If he resented his legitimate half siblings, he never let it show - until they stole what was rightfully his. Now he is determined to exact a little bit of revenge on the tonexcept Lady Isabel Chalsey was never in his plans. When Lady Isabel Chalsey awakens in the night to discover her home being robbed, it occurs to her that she ought to be frightened. But there's something about this man that she finds compelling. The more she talks to Sullivan, the more she becomes enamoured of his plan - and of the man itself. But when Sullivan's actions are exposed, will Isabel's love be enough to see them through the resulting scandal?