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In the Highlander's Bed, Maxwell, Cathy

In the Highlander's Bed, Maxwell, Cathy

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Gordon Lachlan, Laird MacKenna, has one duty and that is to his people. Beaten down by the English, there is only one way he can regain his honor and his people's pride - recover the Sword of the MacKenna from his former hostage, the Duke of Colster. Desperate, Gordon plans to kidnap the duke's sister-in-law and use the sword as her ransom. But in the young Constance, Gordon finds more than he can handle. Sent to Madame Lavaliere's Academy for Young Women for the sole purpose of polishing her 'rough' edges and making her attractive to a duke, Constance Cameron is not having a good time. All she wants is to return home and relish her freedom. So when Gordon Lachlan shows up at her window to kidnap her, Constance is more than happy to go with him. Of course, the two don't see eye to eye on how the 'kidnapping' should be carried out, but their growing attraction for each other may make these two potential enemies closer than ever.