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Let the Night Begin, Smith, Kathryn

Let the Night Begin, Smith, Kathryn

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Years ago, Reign turned his wife Olivia into a vampire - without her consent. Enraged, she left him, never to return. But, now her nephew has been kidnapped and all they want in return is Reign. Presented with the perfect opportunity to save her nephew and get revenge on the man who broke her heart, Olivia tricks Reign into assisting her. But, Reign has a price: if they are to masquerade as husband and wife, then it stands to reason that Olivia share his bed. To Reign, it's a small step toward winning back the only woman he'll ever love. But a betrayal shocks them both and it soon becomes clear that they are up against a dangerous enemy. With nowhere else to turn, Olivia and Reign will have to trust each other - and the love they once shared - to have any hope of surviving.