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No One Lives Forever, Dane, Jordan

No One Lives Forever, Dane, Jordan

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Christian and Raven team up with Jasmine Lee, the notorious assasin, to rescue a loved one from certain death. Jasmine is desperate to save Nicholas Charbeneau from the men who have kidnapped him. She turns to the only person she knows she can count on - Christian Delacorte. Christian owes her a favor, and what's more, there's no chance he will refuse when Jasmine reveals the truth...Nicholas is his father. Christian and Jasmine set off for Brazil to face down tribal leaders and corrupt policeman. When Raven discovers what they're up to and joins the team, Christian finds he is stretched to the limit with so many people to protect. But with deception at every turn, three heads are better than two, and they will need all their wits about them to take down this ruthless enemy.