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Pride and Prejudice. Mansfield Park. Persuasion

Pride and Prejudice. Mansfield Park. Persuasion

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Jane Austen is undoubtedly one of the finest English novelists: she paints on a small canvas, but with the most exquisitely detailed touch. Her novels sparkle with wit and humour; she lightly but tellingly satirises the vanity, selfishness and pretension of mankind while creating a splendid gallery of living characters.
Who could forget the enchanting vitality of Elizabeth Bennet, or the hilarious antics of her matchmaking mother, in that comic masterpiece "Pride and Prejudice"?
In "Mansfield Park" the shy and unworldly Fanny Price - at the mercy of selfish relatives and an unscrupulous suitor - is drawn with sympathy and the gentlest possible sense of fun.
In the last novel in this volume, "Persuasion", we find the most sensitive, mature and intelligent of all of Jane Austen's heroines, and the one closest in character to the author herself. The love story of Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth is told with real poignancy and feeling.
Jane Austen's novels are all set in the narrow world of eighteenth century society, but her deep understanding of human nature and her penetrating observation of its follies and absurdities are timeless. Her work is as fanny and fascinating as when it first appeared, and she is deservedly ranked among the classic authors.

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