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The Art of Dress: Clothes Through History 1500-1914

The Art of Dress: Clothes Through History 1500-1914

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The clothes worn by our ancestors afford an unparalleled insight into lifestyles that have disappeared forever. Choice of dress has always been governed by a series of influences - social and economic, artistic and technical - and, of course, the vagaries of individual taste.
Jane Ashelford has used the National Trust's stunning costume and textile collections as well as its historic house portraits, family correspondence, diaries and household papers. The result is a fascinating account of the history of dress over the past four centuries. Avoiding a mere chronicle of cut, shape and decoration, the author looks at the social aspects of dress - how styles were conveyed, how and where materials and clothes were purchased, what all levels of society wore, from duke to serving boy, and all ages, from widow's weeds to swaddling bands.

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