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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: was thy life," he exclaimed; " a brief, bright sparkle, followed by dark, utter extinction ! " Saying which, he flung the expiring ashes of the floweret from his hand. The Skeleton Hand. Duch. You are very cold. 1 fear you are not well after your travel. Ha ! lights.—Oh horrible ! Fer. Let her have lights enough. Duch. What witchcraft doth he practise, that he hath left A dead hand here ? —Duchess of Mal/y. The sexton's waning candle now warned him of the progress of time, and having completed his arrangements, he addressed himself to Luke, intimating his intention of departing. But receiving no answer, and remarking no signs of life about his grandson, he began to be apprehensive that he had fallen into a swoon. Drawing near to Luke, he took him gently by the arm. Thus disturbed, Luke groaned aloud. "I am glad to find you can breathe, if it be only after that melancholy fashion," said the sexton ; " but come, I have wasted time enough already. You must indulge your grief elsewhere." " Leave me," sighed Luke. " What, here 1 It were as much as my office is worth. You can return some other night. But go you must, now—at least, if you take on thus. I never calculated upon a scene like this, or it had been long ere I brought you hither. So come away; yet, stay; but first lend me a hand to replace the body in the coffin." "Touch it not," exclaimed Luke; "she shall not rest another hour within these accursed walls. I willbear her hence myself." And, sobbing hysterically, he relapsed into his former insensibility. " Poh ! this is worse than midsummer madness," said Peter; " the lad is crazy with grief, and all about a mother who has been four-and-twenty years in her grave. I will e'en put her out of the way myself." Saying which, he proceeded, as n...