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Advertising Media Planning: A Brand Management Approach

Advertising Media Planning: A Brand Management Approach

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The planning and placement of advertising media is a multi-billion dollar business that critically impacts advertising effectiveness. The new edition of this acclaimed text offers practical guidance for those who practice media planning on a daily basis as well as those who must ultimately approve strategic media decisions.Full of current brand examples, the book is a 'must-read' for all who will be involved in the media decision process on both the agency and client side. Its easy-to-read style and logical format make it ideal for classroom adoption, and students will benefit from the down-to-earth approach and real-world business examples."Improvements for the Second Edition" include: new chapters on Understanding Media Costs, Media Effects and Trends, and How to Prepare a Media Plan; a new appendix on How the Advertising Business Is Organized; a thoroughly revised chapter on Evaluating an Advertising Media Plan; many new examples, illustrations, explanations, and exhibits; and, closer coordination of the content with the updated accompanying workbook, Advertising Media Workbook and Sourcebook, Second Edition.
2 edition.