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The Smart Approach to Small-Space Living

The Smart Approach to Small-Space Living

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Let's be clear about something right away: there is nothing wrong with small. In fact, have you noticed that the soaring ceilings, mega-living rooms, gargantuan kitchens, and palatial baths in many new houses feel too large? These spaces seem to lack human scale, dwarfing the furniture and even the people in them at times.
"The Smart Approach to Small Space Living", therefore, will not tell you that bigger is better. Nor does it suggest that you embark on an expensive remodeling to enlarge your house. It does, however, offer you some good advice for making those space-challenged places feel-and live-larger by making a few easy, economical alterations, using color and lighting creatively, and selecting furniture that is in keeping with the scale of the space. Along with these smart tips, "The Smart Approach to Small Space Living" encourages you to embrace the dimensions of your small home. With a little care and attention, a tiny bedroom can be intimate and restful; a pint-size powder room can be drop-dead gorgeous; and a modest kitchen can produce great meals.

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