Andreas Vollenweider. Behind The Gardens...

Andreas Vollenweider. Behind The Gardens...

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Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree

Pyramid - In The Wood - In The Bright Light

Micro - Macro

Skin And Skin

Moonlight - Lion And Sheep



Hands And Clouds

Vergeletto (Live 1982) (Bonus Track)

XIII Thirteen (From "Suite", 1979) (Bonus Track)

The Letter (Bonus Track)

Little Boy And The Mirror (Bonus Track)

Hey You! Yes, You...(From The Album VOX, 2005) (Bonus Track)

Andreas Vollnweider & Friends 1982 Live At The Ampitheatre, Germany - And… Twenty Years Later, Live At Sunset, Zurich, Switzerland (Bonus Video)

Introducing VOX 2005 (Interviews. Atudio Work, Live, Background Info) (Bonus Video)
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