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A Whistling Woman

A Whistling Woman

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This intoxicating novel stands on its own, while forming a triumphant conclusion to A. S. Byatt's great quartet depicting the clashing forces in English life from the early 1950s to 1970. While Frederica falls almost by accident into a career in television in London, tumultuous events in her home county of Yorkshire threaten to change her life, and those of the people she loves. A WhistlingWoman is the ultimate novel of ideas made flesh - gloriously sensual, sexy and scary, bursting with ideas, and wonderful humanity. I
'In this concluding instalment [of her quartet of novels], Byatt blends her own excitement at "intellectual curiosity of any kind" with a lucid narrative and gripping plot... I suspect her fans will be hoping for a fifth' INDEPENDENT
'An intellectual adventure full of energy and vitality... keen and demanding pleasure'.