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Brands A to Z: Adidas

Brands A to Z: Adidas

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Adi Dassler's dream was to strive to manufacture the best pair of sports shoes. He was the leader of his family business.
A shoemaker in an unknown town of Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, South Germany, he founded his own workshop. In the beginning, he produced mainly leather boots and slippers. Two of his sons worked in the workshop as well. In 1924, the two brothers were grown up and took over their father's business. The younger brother, Adolf "Adi" Dassler, founded adidas. Later, Adi was in charge of developing new sports shoes, balls, outfits and accessories, so as to expand the company founded by him in the aspects of innovation and reason. His wife Kathe assumed the position of general manager, and was in charge of all financial problems and administrative matters. Adi Dassler, together with his son Horst, built an international company that would be present in sports competitions all over the world. Adi's daughter Brigitte learned Russian and took over the company's business in Eastern Europe. She was so devoted to her assignment that communist athletes were using adidas products even in the most intense period of the Cold War.

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