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Great Escapes Mediterranean

Great Escapes Mediterranean

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The Mediterranean is a mythical place, with three continents - Europe, Africa and Asia - and 30 countries sharing its coastline. These disparate cultures are all blessed with its fine climate, luxuriant fauna and flora, and the intense blues of its sea. Angelika Taschen has discovered the very best of this legendary region. Included here are the glamorous Eden Roc on the Cote d Azur, the stylish Monte Carlo Beach Hotel created by India Mahdavi, the hotel Stella Maris north of Portofino accessible only by boat or trekking - and of course the famous Amalfi Coast with its numerous beautiful hotels. Add to these the tiny hotel on the small Croatian island of Lopud, and the exclusive Perivolas in Santorini, and last but not least, the new branch of the Nord Pinus Hotel in Tangier, looking out at the Straits of Gibraltar.