Laurel Aitken. The Fantastic Laurel Aitken

Laurel Aitken. The Fantastic Laurel Aitken

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Baby Please Don't Go

Sex Machine

Heile Heile (The Lion)

Chop Chop Rock

Can't Turn Your Back On Me

Since You Left

Do The Boogaloo

Soul Of Africa - Tiger

Dancing With My Baby

Dallas Texas - Tiger

Rock Steady The Gruvy Beats

Reggae Mood The Gruvy Beats

Ill Never Love Any Girl (Theway I Love You) (Bonus Track)

Baby I Need Your Loving (Bonus Track)

Why Can T I Touch You (Bonus Track)

Guilty - Tiger (Bonus Track)

Let True Love Begin (Bonus Track)

Have You Ever Been Hurt - Tiger (Bonus Track)

The Very Best I Can (Bonus Track)

Our Day Will Come - Tiger (Bonus Track)

I Will Never Let You Down / You Send Me / My Girl (As Lorenzo) (Bonus Track)

It Stoo Late (Bonus Track)

Slow Rock Laurel Aitken Sband (Bonus Track)

If There Shell Below (Bonus Track)

Just A Little Bit Of Your Loving (Bonus Track)

Take Me In Your Arms (And Love Me) (Bonus Track)

Two-Timing Woman (Bonus Track)
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