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This Little World

This Little World

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The small seaside town of Kingshaven is looking picture perfect in the spring sunshine. With recession coming to an end, house prices on the move, and summer on its way, there's much for the people of the town to look forward to. Then, suddenly, the peace of the pretty little harbor is shattered by the explosion of ordnance that has lain buried since World War Two. In London, 25-year-old Cat Miller sees the story unfolding on the news; in Rome, 43-year-old Iris Quinn feels the pull of the home she ran away from long ago; in Kingshaven, uncomfortable memories are triggered for nonagenarian Liliana King. As the millennium approaches and the secrets of the past begin to unravel, three generations of women try to make sense of their present lives as they struggle to find future happiness at the dawn of a new century, in the wonderfully moving and romantic conclusion to this highly acclaimed trilogy.