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Friends, Lovers and other Indiscretions

Friends, Lovers and other Indiscretions

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It's early 2008 and the credit crunch is starting to bite. Sam and Laura Diamond - and their friends - are circling forty and feeling a lot less certain about life than when they first met twenty years ago. Laura has abandoned all hope of finding a work-life balance, Sam's nursing a secret ambition which could turn their lives upside down, and the weekend away he's been expecting as a birthday present from his wife turns out to be something much less congenial.
Life's no more straightforward for wild child turned corporate lawyer Janey Dart. Having finally given up on Patrick, the love of her life, she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and hastily married to a wealthy hedge fund manager who loathes her friends.
And Sam's oldest friend, trendy restaurant owner Jonathan Sleet, is about to hit the big time but can't control his roving eye. So it's no surprise that his once glamorous wife Hannah is finding distractions of her own.
Determined to reunite the group, Jonathan brings everyone together for a holiday to celebrate his fortieth birthday. But six friends and two decades of tangled fortunes - plus complicated secrets from the past -make for an explosive week ...