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Business Knowledge for IT in Islamic Finance

Business Knowledge for IT in Islamic Finance

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Industry experts are predicting that the growth of the Islamic Finance industry will exceed 20 per cent per annum. Other experts believe that in the future, the Islamic Finance industry could become a major competitor to the conventional finance industry. Islamic Finance is expected spread beyond Muslim countries - as seen in Europe where it has already made considerable headway in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. "Business Knowledge for IT in Islamic Finance" deals with the convergence of business and IT in the Islamic finance industry and is designed to provide the platform for IT professionals to exploit the future demand for talent in this industry.The chapters in this book contain information on the fundamentals of Islamic finance, the features that sets the Islamic finance industry apart form the mainstream finance industry, a number of the prohibitions and business ethics in Islamic Finance , overview of business transactions and the legal process underpinning these transactions; major players in the Islamic Finance world; and, major systems from notable vendors used for lending, financing , capital markets transactions and insurance in the Islamic finance space. "Business Knowledge for IT in Islamic Finance" is an invaluable handbook for professionals working in the Islamic Finance and crossovers. It is targeted at IT professionals such as: project managers; application developers; development managers; test managers; business analysts; data analysts; systems analysts; test analysts; support analysts; database administrators; and, HR staff responsible for IT recruitment.