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Citizen Dick

Citizen Dick

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Creative accounting. Mismanagement. Vanishing 401Ks. Insider trading. Misplaced power. Neuroses. Bloody clown suits. Meatloaf costumes. Self-administered prison tattoos. You guessed it -- Corporate America.And in 1989, nobody better exemplified those characteristics -- and a hundred tawdry others -- more than CommGlobalTeleVista, a telecommunications behemoth that’s future relied on a promotion that would provide customers with something they didn’t want or need, and a CEO who hoped buying a meat company -- or acting like its takeover is in the works -- would move their stock price north of $75 per share and award him an eight figure bonus.And it all happened because Dick Citizen -- an unambitious, twenty-five-year-old with an obsessive hatred for his first name, an uncanny ability to hit a golf ball long and straight, and a bizarre skeleton in his closet -- stumbled backwards into the last place he should be. You guessed it -- Corporate America.