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The Bible II: Rick The Chosen One (Volume 1)

The Bible II: Rick The Chosen One (Volume 1)

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From the best author and lover in the known universe comes the (some say unofficial) sequel to one of the world's most popular books. Box-painter Richard Goddammitwheresmyointment Richards is thrown with a throwing throw into the deep end of weird when he stumbles across a portal to a strange and wonderful world full of evil ducks, Australian druids, and a mad, ginger-bearded dwarf who's angry at God for putting his knees on backwards. Can Rick save the planet from Biff the Destroyer and his Doom-O-Ray 3000 X? There's only one way to find out - read the bloody book! Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords had this to say about it: "Give us a bit to read it and I'll give you a quote."