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Kinky Kabuki

Kinky Kabuki

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"THE GREATEST PERFORMANCE IS THE ONE THAT ACHIEVES MADNESS. . ." Tokyo. A serial killer known as the Doll Maker is stalking the streets of Kabuki-cho, preying on the prostitutes that work in the city's notorious red light district. Obsessed with obscene fantasies and terrifying visions of an apocalyptic holocaust, the killer is a divinely inspired psychopath whose crimes incorporate elements of the occult, Buddhist doctrine and kabuki theatre. Takeshi Harada, a disgraced former police officer, is hired by a powerful yakuza crime boss to track down the elusive killer. Embroiled in a cycle of sex, violence and murder, the investigation leads Harada through the neon netherworld of the Tokyo vice trade, culminating in a life-or-death confrontation with the Doll Maker. . .and a final chilling act of bloody, symbolic justice.