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Answer to a Fathers Call

Answer to a Fathers Call

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Judgely Uno is on the verge of dropping out of University study, for reason of the actions of global leaders on his private property. Comming to the conclusion that this collaboration with world leaders allows some to see a career taken off while it's owner undergoes a programme of study, as a job done for free, a life given away to be destroyed by idiots because they are female, he takes a stand to save his career from the conspiring societies of men and women who intend to spend it on their gratifications, in the hope to become liberal, world aware and rich. The Autobiographical Journal of a British Arch Prince (with duties to Church and State, a half priest-half prince Prince), written to grant intellectual and aesthetic permission to mutual admirers, particularly Entrepreneurs, for the creation of products or aspects of products concerned with the pursuit of happiness. Written to benefit the reader by creatively pointing to some of the finer responsibilities.