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The Woodstock Conspiracy

The Woodstock Conspiracy

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In 1969, government programs like COINTELLPRO conducted by the FBI, hasten the end of organizations like the Black Panthers, SDS, and Weathermen. Musicians like Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon are kept under surveillance by the government because of their potential to finance and spread sedition. For years, conspiracy theories have surrounded the deaths of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison. What is real and what is myth? The Woodstock Conspiracy is the story of CIA operative, Percy Arnold, and Marla Donahue, a free spirited, young woman, caught up in the maelstrom as the counter culture reaches its zenith at Woodstock, implodes, and collapses. Devon Wilson was as close as Jimi Hendrix ever came to a wife, but his refusal to marry her filled her with rage, and his propensity for white women made her murderous. French Count, Jean deBreteuil, heroin dealer to the stars, furnished the fatal dose to both Joplin and Morrison. Percy conducts an illegal, domestic surveillance operation of the sixties counter-culture for the Nixon White House. Percy recalls field agent Jackson Davis from Saigon and the two witness Woodstock first hand. In Woodstock's aftermath, and in defiance of direct orders, Percy expands the scope of the operation to include the murder. Marla Donahue travels from Woodstock to the clubs of London and New York. On the way, she becomes Lady Dunbar only to be widowed under the oddest of circumstances. Hush money from her late husband's family in hand, she leaves Chelsea for New York, and all the possibilities it holds in the hedonistic, pre-AIDs seventies. Percy's success does not go unnoticed, and when the FBI reports to the Justice Department that he may be responsible for the trio's deaths, he is only reprimanded. Undaunted, Percy decides to employ a more subtle means of assassination. Percy's new prey is John Lennon, and he sets in motion one last murder only one man can stop.