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A Mermaid s Tale

A Mermaid s Tale

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It is in the ethereal realms unseen by humans that spirits do dwell. We may meet them in our dreams, but during our waking hours the connection is lost; forgotten until night falls again. What would happen if these spirits were to take on human form, live a full life upon the earth, and experience the highs and lows of earthly beings? Emily and Magena have been friends since childhood, but that friendship is to be tested when the charming and irresistible Johnny enters their lives. Christina, a newcomer to their seaside town, is drawn into their tangled lives with staggering consequences. Elsewhere in the Universe, the mermaid, the temptress and the fairy watch closely as the stories of their human forms unfold. Despite their best efforts to remain unattached and to observe only, they are drawn into the lives of their counterparts, and along the way come to understand the joy and pain of human existence.