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Kitchen Culture: Re-inventing Kitchen Design

Kitchen Culture: Re-inventing Kitchen Design

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Being at the centre of home life, where food is prepared and hospitality emanates, every kitchen needs to be carefully planned in order to offer flexibility within the home space.
"Kitchen Culture" comprises an in depth text on all aspects of planning a kitchen, while sumptuous photographs of contemporary kitchens and architectural plans provide visual inspiration for modern kitchen design.

The book is divided into five sections:
Kitchen Culture: Re-inventing Home Space traces the historical model of the kitchen as being the fabric of family and domestic life, and explores its transformation through cultural, culinary, and social influences which echo our new sensibilities in the 21st century.
The Core of Kitchen Design comprises case studies of real kitchens, each providing an insight into key design elements for planning the ideal personal living and working space.
Communicating Between Space and People showcases specific kitchen designs that accommodate sociable activities; from islands that enable the preparation of food in company, to creating seamless links between dining areas, home office stations and utility areas.
Kitchen Works: Design Analysis heralds the many design options for achieving better use of space. Straightforward diagrams demonstrate the ideal dimensions of designated areas, including planning an ergonomic kitchen. This chapter also details the beautiful craftsmanship of kitchen furniture and the latest ideas in space-efficient storage and kitchen appliances.
Whole Environment: Architectural Opportunities provides practical guidance to kitchen owners looking to extend the existing interior space and offers advice on how to maximise natural light into the kitchen.