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Creative Approaches to Problem Solving: A Framework for Innovation and Change

Creative Approaches to Problem Solving: A Framework for Innovation and Change

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Everything your students need to solve problems, manage change and deliver innovation using the Creative Problem Solving framework This text is the most comprehensive and contemporary overview and description of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) available today. Friendly and highly practical for a broad base of researchers and practitioners, the book provides a framework, language, guidelines, and set of easy-to-use tools for understanding challenges, generating ideas, and transforming promising ideas into action. New and Hallmark Features New expanded emphasis on CPS as a flexible, dynamic process that enables users to select and apply CPS tools, components, and stages in a meaningful way that meets their actual needs. A framework for problem solving that has been tested and applied across ages, settings, and cultures ensures that readers can apply a common approach to process across many traditional a??boundariesa?? that have limited effectiveness of other methods. Specific objectives in each chapter provide a clear focus for instruction or independent learning. Practical case studies introduced at the beginning of each chapter and then completed as a a??rest of the storya?? toward the end of the chapter provide an application anchor for the reader. New enhanced graphics: These updated and refreshed graphics include tables, figures, and illustrative images that are designed to provide a??picturesa?? to go along with the word. Creative Approaches to Problem Solving can be used as a core text for courses in Creative Problem Solving or Creativity and Innovation as part of an MBA program, or Creativity courses in Education. It can also supplement courses in Decision-Making, Creative Leadership, and Change Management.