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The Financial Times Guide to Investing

The Financial Times Guide to Investing

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"The Financial Times Guide to Investing" is the definitive introduction to the art of successful stock market investing. Beginning with the very basics of why companies need investors and explaining what investors do, Glen Arnold takes you through the practicalities of buying and selling shares. He describes different types of investment vehicles and advises on how you can be successful at picking companies, understanding their accounts, managing a sophisticated portfolio, measuring performance and risk and setting up an investment club.
The second edition of this bestselling introduction to investing explains how the financial markets operate, shows you what you need to know to be successful and encourages you to follow and act on your own judgments. Thoroughly updated to help you invest with skill and confidence, new sections include:
  • Online investing, website information and tools including screenshots and virtual portfolios as well as computerized counterparty trading.
  • Detailed updating of tax rates and legislation, increases in ISA allowances and revisions to capital gains tax.
  • A jargon-busting glossary to help you understand words, phrases and investing concepts.
  • Recent Financial Times articles and tables which illustrate and expand on case studies and examples.
  • Up-to-date statistics on the returns you can expect on shares and bonds.
    2 edition.