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How to Lead

How to Lead

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This provocative practical book, is the essential guide to the theory and practice of leadership - whatever your level in an organisation. It's both an indispensible yet entertaining guide to the core skills of leadership and a practical handbook for getting to the top and staying there - the single book guide to a successful career. A unique and brilliant combination of authoritative guidance and stimulating and entertaining advice, it includes novel material on career limiting moves, advice on what to do when you look like you are about to become an involuntary member of the cock up club and how to lead by following. New to the edition: More focus on moments of truth, the tough stuff. E.g. firing people (and how not to be fired), conflicts, managing the awkward squad. More on the politics of leadership: how to get to where you need to be to make things happen. How to look, talk and act the part. Fundamentally different from most leadership books, it will: Be for leaders at all levels - provide alternative perspectives on leadership - mix practical experience and theory. Provide the top ten tools and techniques that all leaders master. Highlight the perils and pitfalls of leadership and how to avoid them.
2-nd edition.