Restaurant Marketing for Owners and Managers

Restaurant Marketing for Owners and Managers

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"Resourceful companies have these strategies and tactics in place, and the entrepreneur would be well served to employ them from the start."
?Bill Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Fleming?s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and Roy?s Restaurants

"The authors have done a great job of encapsulating . . . the ideas, issues, and ?how–tos? in order to develop and maintain a marketing campaign that has a high return on investment to the foodservice operator."
?Rob Grimes, Chairman, Accuvia

"It flows beautifully and brilliantly and avoids . . . the obfuscations that litter so many books . . . in the industry."
?Stephen Michaelides, President, Words, Ink., former editor of Restaurant Hospitality

Restaurant Marketing for Owners and Managers provides a concise treatment of how to use marketing to create a successful restaurant. Helpful in the day–to–day operations of every restaurant, this practical guide:

  • Ties theory to practice, complete with tools for implementation
  • Discusses how to develop a menu based on a restaurant?s location and design
  • Illustrates how to create a marketing plan and budget
  • Provides checklists and real–world examples

The Restaurant Basics Series provides restaurant owners and managers with expert advice and practical guidance on critical issues in restaurant operation and management. Written by leading authorities in their respective areas of expertise, these easy–to–use guides offer instant access to authoritative information on every aspect of the restaurant business and every type of restaurant?independent, chain, or franchise.