If You?re Not First, You?re Last

If You?re Not First, You?re Last

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Praise for If You?re Not First, You?re Last

"This book is a wake–up call. While the rest of the world is complaining about problems, Grant Cardone is working on solutions. If you don?t want to have regrets in your life about never reaching your dreams, read this book and light your life on fire!"
—Dr. Tony Alessandra, Hall–of–Fame Motivational Speaker and author of The Platinum Rule

"If Grant?s book doesn?t motivate you to think bigger, work smarter, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible, then the ?box? you?re stuck in is in danger of becoming a casket! Take your dreams out of mothballs, get your game face on, and get ready for the ride of your life!"
—Dave Anderson, President, LearntoLead, and author of How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK

"I love Grant Cardone?s book for one reason: it works! No theory, no magic formulas, just a step–by–step blueprint that will increase your business if you do exactly what Grant says. It worked for me."
—Warren Greshes, author of The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock–Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success!

"Nearly all of the sales advice you?ve been taught will land you in last place. Read this book and learn how to finish first!"
—Frank Rumbauskas, New York Times bestselling author, NeverColdCall.com

"Grant Cardone?s new book is a must–read if you want to be first, if you want to be the best!"
—Todd Duncan, New York Times bestselling author