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Buccellati: Timeless Art

Buccellati: Timeless Art

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"The exhihition "Buccellati: Timeless Art" is devoted to the creative work of the well-known Italian masters of twentieth-century gold- and silverwork: Mario Buccellati and his son Gianmaria. The title of the project reflects the basic concept of the "House of Buccellati" and the artistic creativity of these outstanding Milanese jewellers. Their works show a supreme level of craftsmanship and an exquisite aesthetic sensibility, objects that are unfailingly recognisable and which possess a unique technical and stylistic authenticity. Regardless of the changing trends in fashion, Buccellati's creations always have an identity of their own. Their distinctive feature is their strongly characteristic form and accomplished execution. Due to this exacting approach, the name of Mario Buccellati has become a synonym for the unique style he created. Behind this signature style is his personal understanding of Renaissance thinking and skills, and the resumption of techniques mastered during the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries - techniques that are unique in themselves in the context of the development of the jeweller's art over the last two centuries. "Lacy" jewellery and the masterful engraving are the "hallmark" of the House of Buccellati.
More than one hundred and fifty exhibits - jewelled ornaments, bowls carved from semiprecious stones, as well as many other items from museums and private collections - represent the jeweller's art, in the "genetic code" of which the centuries-old, handcraft culture ascendant to the Renaissance and to Graeco-Roman time is incorporated.
Upholding the family traditions, Gianmaria Buccellati has continued his father's business for sixty-five years. Organising various courses and establishing special grants, he has promoted the study and development of ancient jewellery and engraving techniques, so as to transfer this invaluable experience to the younger generations. He has promoted research into the history of jewellery, the restoration of antique artefacts, and the opening of new exhibitions devoted to the jeweller's art (Poldi-Pezzoli Museum, Milan). The main creative, cultural and educational initiatives promoted by Gianmaria are aimed at preventing the skills revived by his father from sinking into oblivion. There are two schools in Gianmaria's Italian and Swiss laboratories, where critical attention is paid to the techniques of engraving. In 1981, for his activity, Gianmaria Buccellati was awarded the Italian title of "Knight of the Great Cross and the National Order of Merit" ("Cavaliere di Gran Croce al merito della Repubblica").
The exhibition "Buccellati: Timeless Art" is a vivid example of the skills of this remarkable jeweller".

Elena Gagarina
General Director, The Moscow Kremlin Museums