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Giambologna was the greatest sculptor of the age of Mannerism. During the half-century following Michelangelo's death in 1564 his graceful and seductive style dominated Italian sculpture, and copies of his bronze statuettes spread his influence throughout Europe. For compositional subtlety, sensuous tactile values and technical virtuosity his sculpture is unrivalled.
Charles Avery's major critical study is the first full-scale monograph on the artist to be published for many years. Comprehensive in scope, it covers his entire oeuvre, with chapters on marble statuary, bronze statuettes, devotional and narrative works, portraits, animal sculpture, fountains and equestrian monuments. Style, technique, working methods and many critical aspects of Giambologna's work are fully discussed, including his contribution to Mannerism and his place in the wider European tradition. The book concludes with an invaluable summary catalogue of all Giambologna's known works.
The principal photographs have been specially taken by David Finn, internationally recognized as an outstanding photographer of sculpture. They capture perfectly the elegance, sophistication and sheer tactile quality of this virtuoso sculptor.