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Lord Bill: A Trade Union Miracle (Inspirations)

Lord Bill: A Trade Union Miracle (Inspirations)

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From the shop floor to national iconic status, the ascendancy of a young Jamaican is traced up to his election as the first black immigrant to hold the position of general secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU), the UK's largest trade union. Following his fathera??s death in the mid-1950s, Bill Morris joined his mother in Birmingham, England, andA was employed at a local car parts manufacturer. As much a commentary on the cultural, societal, and historical mores of the times, this account follows Morris as he joins the Transport and General Workersa?? Union in 1958 and moves from shop steward to full-time union official and holder of various district and national positions?ultimately to the pinacle of the organization. In addition to documenting his rise to the powerful and prestigious role in the TGWU, this survey examines other MorrisA achievements such asA becoming the first black immigrant to join the government board of the Bank of England and serve as president of the Trades Union Congress. After dreaming of becoming a professional cricket player for the West Indies as a youth,A Morris now also sits on the England and Wales Cricket Board at Lords.