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Estrategias sostenibles (Spanish Edition)

Estrategias sostenibles (Spanish Edition)

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Despidos, quiebras y colapsos economicos, a los que se le suma la caida del consumo, la falta de recursos y otras plagas que afectan a la economia de hoy. Pero todos estos problemas no haran sino agravarse a no ser que cambiemos la forma de hacer negocios en el mundo. Los lideres deben dejar de lado la persecucion continuada de ganancias al corto plazo y dejar paso a estrategias sostenibles de largo plazo, y por sostenibles el autor no se refiere unicamente a estrategias ""verdes"", sino que lleva el concepto de sostenibilidad mucho mas alla, a todos los rincones y aspectos de la empresa. / More than ever before, consumers, employees, and investors share a common purpose and a passion for companies that do well by doing good. So any strategy without sustainability at its core is just plain irresponsible - bad for business, bad for shareholders, bad for the environment. These challenges represent unprecedented opportunities for big brands - such as Clorox, Dell, Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Nike, and Wal-Mart - that are implementing integral, rather than tangential, strategies for sustainability. What these companies are doing illuminates the book's practical framework for change, which involves engaging employees, using transparency as a business tool, and reaping the rewards of a networked organizational structure. Leave your quaint notions of corporate social responsibility and environmentalism behind. Werbach is starting a whole new dialogue around sustainability of enterprise and life as we know it in organizations and individuals. Sustainability is now a true competitive strategic advantage, and building it into the core of your business is the only means to ensure that your company - and your world - will survive.