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Global Beef Trade (Agriculture Issues and Policies Series)

Global Beef Trade (Agriculture Issues and Policies Series)

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This book is an overview of the current U.S. and World Beef Trade. The 110th Congress has been monitoring U.S. efforts to regain foreign markets that banned U.S. beef when a Canadian-born cow in Washington state tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in December of 2003. This book discusses the four major U.S. beef export markets, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Korea, which are again open to U.S. products. However, resumption of beef trade with Japan and Korea has not gone smoothly. Korea briefly readmitted but then suspended U.S. beef imports. Additionally, Russia announced on 23 August 2008, that it was banning poultry imports from 19 U.S. establishments due to safety concerns. Furthermore, this book details the effects of animal health, sanitary, food safety and other measures on U.S. beef exports.