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Financial Globalization, Economic Growth, and the Crisis of 2007-09

Financial Globalization, Economic Growth, and the Crisis of 2007-09

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In the debate over globalization's economic implications, trade liberalization remains at the forefront of discussion, but in an important new book, award-winning author William Cline changes direction to focus on the overlooked but pertinent growth benefits of financial globalization. In a post-crisis environment, how dangerous is financial openness? Does the global financial crisis of 2007-2009 warrant major policy changes that affect the degree of financial openness? Through a chronological overview of the policy interventions implemented during the crisis, Cline - a noted financial expert - examines the role that the financial crisis will play in the construction of future policy and provides a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between financial globalization and economic growth. Cline asserts that financial globalization represents a significant factor in economic growth of emerging market economies. In his analysis of the fiscal legacies of the crisis, he looks at why financial sector innovation helped create a massive downturn in the economy rather than a period of growth. Ultimately, Cline argues that present-day GDP levels are a result of the cumulative influence of financial openness.