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How To Plan And Conduct A Money Making Seminar!

How To Plan And Conduct A Money Making Seminar!

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Are you one of those people always being called up to help out at different projects? Are you the person that seems to get nominated for every committee? Maybe you are the guy or gal who heads up your local political party or serves as president of your PTA? Have you ever stopped to think there is a reason why you are always at the head of the pack? The reason is because people who know you also know that if you want something done and done right, call on Mary or Bob! You are great at organization. You motivate others to willingly join in. You have a real knack for fundraising. Have you ever thought about putting those talents together for your own profit rather than a cause? Chances are you would make a great seminar promoter. If you can imagine putting together three or four events a year and having the rest of your time to do whatever you choose, then you really need to seriously consider this lucrative business.