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Establishing a Funds Management Business in Australia

Establishing a Funds Management Business in Australia

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Establishing a Funds Management Business in Australia is designed for industry professionals working in Australia, as well as those involved in fund management worldwide who have interests in the Australian alternative investment market. Written by Scott Charaneka (a partner at Norton Rose in Australia) and Michelle Asimus (an investment funds lawyer in Australia and the United Kingdom), the book covers the fundamental steps when setting up and running a funds management business, from an overview of the current fund landscape, preparing license applications and navigating the Australian regulation environment. This book is essential reading for anyone working in fund management in Australia, as well as an excellent reference for those investing in the region. Table of Contents: Chapter One: Overview of Australia s Funds Management Industry Recent Investment Trends Impact of Recent Global Financial Events Chapter Two: Implications of Targeting Australian Investors Implications for Foreign Fund Managers Starting Point The Usual Order of Events Permanent Establishment Overview of Treaty Relationships Transfer Pricing Chapter Three: Financial Services Regulation in Australia Australia's Financial Services Laws Australian Regulators and Supervisors ASIC APRA The ATO The ASX Australian Transactions Reports and Analysis Centre Regulation of Fund Managers Chapter Four: Types of Vehicles that may be used for an Australian Collective Investment Scheme Unit Trust Company Venture Capital Limited Partnership Early-Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership Stapled Vehicles Listed Vehicles Chapter Five: Licensing of Fund Managers When an ASF Licence is Required What are Financial Services? Types of Financial Services When a Person carries on a 'Business' Carrying on a Business in Australia Client Types Authorised Representatives Chapter Six: Licensing Exemptions General Statutory Licensing Exemption Specific Statutory Exemptions for Foreign Fund Managers Class Order Licensing Relief General Conditions for Relying on Class Order Relief Ongoing Compliance Requirements for Relying on Class Order Relief Class Order Relief for Offshore Market Participants Chapter Seven: Australian Regulated Funds Registered Funds Unregistered Schemes Criteria for Registering a Fund The Consitution Compliance Plan Compliance Committee Charging Differential Fees to Investors Chapter Eight: Preparing an AFS Licence Application and an Application to Register a Fund Background on the ASF Licence Application Process General Matters to Consider Before Beginning an Application Electronic Application Form Proof Documents - A General Overview Proof Documents - The Difference Between Core Proof and Additional Proof Documents Preparing Additional Proof Documents Responsible Managers Key Person Changing an AFS Licence and/or Conditions Fund Registration Application to Register a Fund When ASIC Must Register a Fund Chapter Nine: Specific Investor Restrictions Superannuation Fund Trustees Restrictions of Superannuation Fund Trustee Investing - The Balance Between the General Law and the Statutory Framework Contemporary Issues for Superannuation Fund Trustees Chapter Ten: Disclosure Requirements to Australian Clients Summary of Initial Disclosure Documents Product Disclosure Statements Financial Services Guides Statement of Advice Additional ASIC Disclosure Requirements Ongoing Disclosure Requirements Advertising Material Misleading and Deceptive Conduct Chapter Eleven: Ongoing Compliance Obligations General Statutory Obligations of an AFS Licensee Obligations of Responsible Managers AFS Licensing Report Financial Statements and Audit Statutory Obligations of a Fund Manager Operating a Regulated Fund Regulated Fund Reporting Audit Requirements for Regulated Funds Ongoing Obligation of a Fund M