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Sequencing: Deciphering Your Company's DNA

Sequencing: Deciphering Your Company's DNA

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Watson and Crick discovered the human DNA. What made the difference was deciphering it. Like the human body, every organization has a DNA. What will make the difference is not seeing it, but sequencing it. It's the key to long-term success at innovation. Sequencing, written by business consultant Michael Metzger, explores what is required for a company to develop a culture that promotes innovation for the long haul. Harvard's Clayton Christensen reports that few companies have the capacity to innovate. The more success a company achieves, the harder it is for the company to innovate. And yet the reality is that companies innovate or die. Metzger outlines the steps necessary to sustain innovation - the culture, conscience, and C-level leadership required. It begins by having an accurate assessment of human nature and reality. Institutional leaders ignore this book at their peril.