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Godfather Knows Best: 50 Mobstyle Rules for Young Professionals

Godfather Knows Best: 50 Mobstyle Rules for Young Professionals

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Most of you reading this book have already hit the key qualities inherent in most successful people and have already begun to develop a bold willingness to go after goals that others think are too ambitious or too difficult to accomplish. Godfather Knows Best is not aimed at academics. It is a frank, but instructive primer for budding professional leaders and promising CEOs that cuts through the research by distilling two thousand year old principles into fifty rules that aren't taught in business schools and which have application in today's business world and real life situations. Dr. Louis Gonzales, a long time streetwise manager and CEO, puts readers within steps of the Florentine master, Machiavelli and the Godfathers and Tony Sopranos of today's corporate America. He presents his bada bing management theories in a tongue-in-cheek, amoral mob-style language that every reader can understand. Godfather Knows Best sifts out the real nuggets; the surprising truths that ambitious young people must know as they climb the ladder to corporate domination. The book is hilarious, evil and chock full of principles that questions the age-old assumptions of teamwork and leadership. No doubt, your ambition (and madness) is what got you here. Clearly, it is your time. Celebrate it.