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The New Information Professional: Your Guide to Careers in the Digital Age

The New Information Professional: Your Guide to Careers in the Digital Age

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Career planning help for a fast-evolving profession! From technology firms to schools to government agencies, and of course, to libraries, employers across a wide range of fields are seeking professionals with cutting edge preparation to serve as leaders and innovators in the information domain. Written by a team of seasoned career services experts at the University of Michigan, one of the nation's leading iSchools, this exceedingly comprehensive new resource provides in-depth coverage of career opportunities in eight core information fields, including: Archives and Preservation Management, Human Computer Interaction, Information Analysis and Retrieval, Information Management, Information Policy, Library and Information Services, Records Management, Social Computing Chapters are clearly organized by field, and each one includes a fully-fleshed description, real world profile, education and training programs, example job titles, illustrated career maps, and online resources for additional exploration. There is also an invaluable chapter on career planning that covers self-assessment, career-decision making, networking, and job search strategies. This book's progressive approach, unmatched scope and up-to-date guidance will open the doors to a wide range of exciting information-age careers to undergraduates, high school students, parents, and advisors along with Information students and recent graduates who are interested in exploring emerging career paths.