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Resumes That Resume Careers: 3 Steps to Getting Back to Work Using Functional Resumes (Volume 1)

Resumes That Resume Careers: 3 Steps to Getting Back to Work Using Functional Resumes (Volume 1)

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Is being out of work making you feel hopeless? Scared? Panicked? Depressed? Desperate? Have you been sending out a flood of resumes, but no interviewers call? The problem is your resume; this book is the solution. Your job search is like shopping for clothes. Do you buy one-size-fits-all clothes? No?. Why? Because you want the clothes you are buying to fit YOU. It's the same with your job search: submitting the same resume over and over for a number of specific positions is like buying one-size-fits-all clothes and expecting them to fit YOU. Resumes That Resume Careers will: * Teach you how to STAND OUT from your competition, like a meatball stands out from spaghetti * Show you how to present yourself as the ideal candidate, each time you apply * Show you how to tailor your resume to the specific requirements for each job you seek * Teach you how to convert "just doing my job" into relevant professional accomplishments * Help you identify your significant special skills and work accomplishments, even if you think you don't have any * Uniquely match your Objective to each company's needs * Help them to fall in love with you in spite of a troublesome work history * Make your resume one IN a million, not one OF a million * Replace your fear and negative feelings with renewed self-esteem, confidence and hope. People who need this book: * Retirees forced back to work by the economy * Laid-off employees who have given up finding work * Young people just entering the job market * Military personnel transitioning into the civilian job market * People who really want to get back to work. Take advantage of my three decades of making job interviewers call my clients in for an interview. And make sure you check out the Special Bonus Section: job search strategies and irresistible cover letter words! Let's get you back to work.