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Branding: Perception, Positioning, Segmentation

Branding: Perception, Positioning, Segmentation

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Faustino Taderera, the celebrity, the most published, polished and decorated Marketing and International Business strategist, academic, icon and guru in Africa, nicknamed, "The Tom Peters of Zimbabwe, Africa and the Middle East," wrote this book, BRANDING, as an advanced course at undergraduate and postgraduate level and covers topics like:- product, corporate and national branding; value analysis; innovation; TQM; R&D; process re-engineering; marketing plans; sustainable competitive advantage; resource based model; consumer behaviour; perception; globalization strategies for firms and nations; segmentation; positioning; tendering; Ansoff Product-Growth Matrix; the BCG Matrix; Porter?s generic strategies; ethics; corporate governance; social responsibility. This is Professor Taderera?s mainstay in his pursuit of research and excellence in Marketing and International Business Education which follows on the footsteps of his other highly popular book entitled LEADERSHIP.