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Leadership is a Choice

Leadership is a Choice

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When a position in management opens up, will you make the 'short list' of nominees? When your annual review comes along, do you have the 'leadership qualities' necessary to climb the corporate ladder? More importantly, are great leaders born? Or are they made? In this unique blend of narrative fiction and study-guide, authors Ken Strong and John DiCicco tell us the story of Mike. He's an ex-drill sergeant, a good father, and a solid employee. But it's been a long time since he trained new military recruits to become seasoned leaders. When a position in management opens up, Mike's hesitant to apply. With the mentoring of a CEO that sees his potential, and the help of a lovingly honest wife, Mike relearns that most important of lessons, that Leadership is a Choice. Each chapter follows Mike's immersive story and explains invaluable management wisdom from the process. Following each section is a study guide with explanations that further illuminate the most important steps in becoming a leader. With this straightforward, example-driven method, learning to become a great leader has never been easier. In this book, you will find the keys and principles that will make you the kind of leader that others want to follow, the kind that earns respect. Don't allow that possible promotion to pass you by. Be the leader that your employer is looking for. Whether you've ever thought you would be able to lead before or not, you can now, because Leadership Is a Choice.