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The 2-Minute Drill

The 2-Minute Drill

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Thousands of American households are supported by dedicated professionals that make their living working in the sales industry. In the face of a challenging economy, many professionals and laborers alike are turning to sales jobs as a way to stave off home foreclosure, bankruptcy, and even hunger. The introduction of thousands of employees to the sales industry has forced many sales managers and directors to put bodies into action without proper training and has resulted in a sales force actively working in the sales industry with little or no training in the basic art of sales. Fortunately, Anthony Perry, a long time veteran of the sales industry has developed the Two Minute Drill as way means to combat these and other problems. The Two Minute Drill is a simple book geared at providing sales rookies and veterans with a reintroduction to the basic art of sales. The book is designed to teach the reader how to: Introduce him or herself to the customer; Ask specific questions; Develop relationships with potential and returning customers; Close the deal. This is a different approach from many sales gurus, focusing on form and substance over volume; helping the reader understand how to maximize commissions on each deal. The book is a must have for anyone seeking longevity in their sales career.