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Money Plain & Simple

Money Plain & Simple

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Have you ever wondered... Why am I accomplishing and earning less than my potential? Why do relationships suffer when there's money involved? Why don't I have better common sense about money decisions? Why is it so difficult to get out of debt? Money Plain & Simple is a powerful, easy-to-follow financial solution that that can help anyone get to the bottom of their financial challenges Money Plain & Simple is a foolproof map to reaching your goals by addressing the root of your financial decision making: your Money Role. Everyone has a particular emotional response to money; a Money Role. There are eight Money Roles; each one with a distinct approach to spending, saving, providing and earning; Reckless, Martyr, Penny Pincher, Underachiever, Deal Chaser, Uncertain, Pious and Unfulfilled. Money Plain & Simple is a tool for life Money Plain & Simple is three products in one - a powerful financial solution, an easy everyday system, and a long-term financial planning tool. With Money Plain & Simple's Three Step Program, you'll delve into your Money Habits, Decisions and Planning to discover and change how you relate to money. Money Plain & Simple is for everyone It's for people in debt, in bad money relationships and those who want to maximize their potential. Money Plain & Simple is the solution for all kinds of money challenges. Money Plain & Simple is flexible You can start right away, without any planning. You don't have to make a budget or use complicated software, or pore over bank statements. You don't have to make extreme changes, and you can go at your own pace. Money Plain & Simple is easy It requires no financial know-how and is perfect for anyone who's overwhelmed by money issues. Money Plain & Simple is an easy-to-follow Three Step Program. It answers your financial questions and gives you personalized solutions, strategies and a Logbook with tools to plan and chart your progress. Also see www.moneyplainandsimple.com